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In the Wake of Odysseus  

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Faculti website interview on the Telegony…

“The Aristotelian Constitution of the Ithacans and Homero-Cyclic Reception of the Odyssey

The Periplus of Hanno: Dubious Historical Document, Fascinating Travel Text”

“Taking Elpenor Seriously.” In The Upper and Under Worlds in Homeric and Archaic Epic, 2020. Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on the Odyssey, Ithaca, Greece, August 25-27, 2017. Eds. C. Christopoulos, M. Paizi-Apostolopoulou

Travel Writing and the Ancient World.” In T. Youngs, N. Das (eds.) The Cambridge History of Travel Writing (Cambridge University Press), 2019

Editor, Yearbook of Ancient Greek Epic, volume 3, 2019. [Nosti/Odyssey/Telegony]. Within this volume my chapter is “The Corpse of Odysseus.”

“The Corpse of Odysseus” In YAGE vol. 3

“Land and Sea in the Odyssey and the Telegony.” In Time and Space in Ancient Myth, Religion and Culture (eds. A. Bierl, M. Christopoulos, and A. Papachrysostomou), 2017

The Tale of Meleager in the IliadOral Tradition 31, 2017

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In progress and forthcoming:

“Allusion and Reception in the Prophecy of Tiresias”

“Polyphemus as Human/Monster”

The Travels of Odysseus (monograph)